Monday, August 31, 2015

Mysterious Black Cat Original Oil Painting by Diane Irvine Armitage

Another day, another black cat painting!  I'm enjoying my new softer style.  I painted another black cat that I have painted in the past.  Nice to do several versions of the same pose to see what can be changed up.  This painting along with my other original cat paintings are available on ebay HERE.  Today's mysterious black cat painting measures 8 x 10 inches.
 The last version I painted of this pose was a 5 x 7 inch painting and was sold on ebay.
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  1. Hello there! I wandered over here after seeing your painting of Marmalade. I really like the style of the top painting as it looks just like my black cat; will you be painting another one like it in the future because I'd be interested in buying one. Thank you

    1. (I especially like the background color and his expression)

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