Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kip the Tuxedo Cat - Original Oil Painting by Diane Irvine Armitage

Today's tuxedo cat painting is of the sweet Kip, owned by Erin.  Kip looked a lot like my Lou, but with a darling white spot on his face.  Erin bought one of my tuxedo cat paintings on Etsy, one that resembled her dear departed Kip and she send me some photos of Kip, which of course I had to paint because painting tuxedo cats is my current obsession.  I read online that tuxedos are extra smart cats and I really believe that, as my Lou is quite the little thinker.  No doubt Kip was the same.  My husband ran into a guy this morning who had just adopted a little tux and the guy was describing the cat - all black but with this white area on the chest - and my husband told him - oh you have a tuxedo cat!  They are really smart : - )  Today's original oil painting is 8 by 8 inches on archival gessoboard.
You can find this painting on my Daily Paintworks Gallery Page HERE.

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