Sunday, January 5, 2014

Clowning Around in the Studio

Yesterday my husband helped me with a project - hanging a huge vintage evil clown outside my studio door.  There are two clowns and they came from a carnival and are hand-painted on big sheets of plywood.  I had them listed for sale on my website and they were propped against the bookcase in my art studio.  But finally, I just needed them out of the studio so I could get at my stuff, so up on the wall they went!  Half of the yellow clown is right by the studio door and the other half is on the back wall of the house adjacent to the studio door.
The other evil clown is now up on the fence on the side of the house.  I get to see his cheerful face whilst looking out my kitchen window!
And here is the view out the door in my studio - that face!!  I love it : - )
No painting today, I'm working on a stained glass project for my nephew.

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