Thursday, January 2, 2014

Arya Stark - Extreme Closeup of Tuxedo Cat Face - Original Oil Painting by Diane Irvine Armitage

Continuing onward with my tuxedo cat obsession ...

My neighbors Laurie and Joe are just the nicest people and they have cats like we do.  Their newest additions are two adorable kitties, Arya Stark and Rocky.  I painted both kitties in one painting last month.  Well, Laurie took a really great closeup photo of Arya that I just had to paint.  So going MUCH larger today - 18 by 18 inches, I painted this closeup of Arya.  Funny how it doesn't take a lot longer to paint an 18 by 18 compared to a 5 by 7.  One just uses a lot bigger brushes!  Anyway, I am learning and that is my continued painting goal for 2014.  Just keep trying new things and keep putting the miles in.  So here is Arya Stark, 18 by 18 inches on archival canvas board.
And just for comparison, here is Arya next to the latest 14 by 11 inch tuxedo cat paintings and one 5 by 7 inch painting.  Oh and good news, one of my latest tuxedo cat paintings is Painting of the Day on Daily Paintworks Facebook page!
You can see this painting on my Daily Paintworks Gallery page HERE.

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