Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Muggs McGinnis, Legendary Tabby Cat - Original Oil Painting by Diane Irvine Armitage

Today's painting is for my lovely parents.  They commissioned a couple of paintings of our cats from back in the 1970s.  Our cats were named Muggs and Fuzzbucket and they were super cool kitties.  My sister Nancy found Muggs in an alley by our house in Mar Vista and he was just a little baby, jumping with fleas.  After a flea bath he made himself right at home.  We already had Fuzzbucket and she was a very sweet kitty, so they got along great.  As Muggs grew up, he became a little cantankerous - one of those cats that you could only pick up if they were positioned just so, or you ran the risk of getting bit or scratched.  I think Muggs loved my dad the best.  If my dad was laying on the couch reading, Muggs would jump up and lay down on dad's stomach and then Muggs would v e r y  s l o w l y  army crawl up dad's chest until he got right up to dad's chin and then he would give dad a little love bite on the chin, but very softly.  It was the funniest thing!  Anyway, we all have wonderful memories of Muggs, he was truly a legend in our neighborhood.  Original oil painting, 5 by 7 inches on gessoboard.

Tomorrow I will paint Fuddie!
You can see this painting on my Daily Paintworks Gallery page HERE.

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