Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Customers!

Sure has been a fun year painting!  I want to thank everyone that has said kind words about my painting progress!  I am very thankful for all of the people that bought paintings from me, my cats for posing for me, my dad for great art advice and an extra thank you to my sister Nancy for promoting my art wherever she goes : - )

Here are a few happy customer stories ...

I painted a picture of my Lou, doing her daredevil act, walking along the ledge of an antique chest I have and it was one of those personal paintings where it is of my cat, my furniture, and I'm not all that sure there will be an audience for it.  But I posted it to ebay anyway and it sold!  Well, I found out why, when I got an email from Phillip in New York and he sent me a picture of his look-a-like tuxedo cat, also in the act of daredevilry!  So here is the painting and then the photo sent from a happy customer.
Another success story was when my sister Nancy wanted to do something nice for her friend Nita in New Orleans and Nancy asked me to paint a picture of Nita's much loved cat Joe.  I had just started painting back in August and Joe was one of my first, done in acrylics.  So here is the painting of Joe and then a series of pictures Nita emailed to me with Joe "beside himself" next to the painting!  Such fun!
And last but not least is a painting I painted of my cousin Jeff and his wife Sandra's cat, Biggie Smalls.  I couldn't post it until now because it is a Christmas present for Jeff.  But Sandra was really happy with it, so I call that a success story : - )
It is a companion painting for one Sandra bought from me at my Etsy shop.  A painting of my black kitty Tish.  Turns out her black kitty (named Black Kitty!) is a twin to my Tish, so now Sandra and Jeff have paintings of both of their cats.
Happy holidays to everyone and thanks for making this a really fun year of painting!

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