Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tuxedo Cat Walks Across Antique Wilton Rug - Original Impressionist Oil Painting

I followed my cats around yesterday taking pictures of them for future paintings, like the paparazzi chasing Miley Cyrus or something.  They started to really get tired of it and finally disappeared into the closet.  But I did get a few fun shots.

Today's painting was from yesterday's photo session.  I painted my tuxedo kitty Lou today, walking across the living room carpet.  I think the looseness of the brushstrokes convey a sense of movement, also I blurred the back of Lou a bit to make her look like she's moving.  I find it humorous that the title of this painting says "Antique Wilton Rug" since there's no way to tell it's a Wilton rug with the mush of paint going on : - )
You can find this painting on my Daily Paintworks Gallery page HERE.

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