Thursday, August 29, 2013


Another black cat in my series of paintings of cats from Petfinder.  This kitty is named Sunshine.  No, not Midnight or Shadow but a bright, happy name - Sunshine!  I enjoyed working with the dark blues to get the mid-tones and the lighter blues for the lighter tones.  Until I varnish this, the darkest darks, which are the black gesso showing through, just don't photograph nice and dark.  But then there's no taking a picture once it is varnished because of the shine off the varnish.  So what's a poor girl to do?  : - )  So just use your imagination and picture those flat darks all deep black and shiny!
This painting is available here at my Daily Paintworks Gallery page.  Oh and my painting from yesterday of the extreme closeup black cat is featured on Daily Paintworks Facebook page as one of their paintings of the day!  Fun!

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  1. Like to watch you work. I can't wait to find the right black cat to paint.