Sunday, August 18, 2013

Black and White Cat Value Study Paintings

Today's shelter cat is Freddie and I liked all three pictures of Freddie so I decided to do three value studies of him.  I am watching some of Peggi Kroll Robert's videos and she is real big on value and value studies.  Her series of video painting lessons are the BEST.  I highly recommend them!

I painted these 5 x 7 acrylic paintings on canvas board with a black gesso ground and tried to do them fairly quickly.  Here are the preliminary sketches on the boards ...
And here is the photo of Freddie and the finished painting.
You can find it at my Daily Paintworks Gallery page here.


  1. Seeing another artist's process is always a great learning tool for me. I've just begun to do cat paintings and this a very helpful. I'm not interested in putting in every little hair!

  2. Great one! Actually, they're all great.

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